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P&K Equipment is proud to be an authorized Honda dealer with 18 locations (16 in Oklahoma and 2 in Arkansas) providing a full line of Honda outdoor power equipment, such as walk-behind lawn mowers, generators, water & trash pumps, & tillers, as well as parts & service support. For property maintenance, jobsite support, camping/travel, and more- we've got the Honda solutions to fit your needs. Select a location above to start shopping our selection of Honda equipment, or read more about it below. 


We have the knowledge and experience to help you choose the right portable generator for your needs. Whether for a construction site or an emergency back-up for your home, we've got the generator for you. We'll spend time making sure it'll provide enough power for your specific needs. Our team will set it up and show you how to operate it safely before you leave the store. We also carry a full range of generator accessories, such as covers, cords, parallel cables, transfer switches, light kits, and more. 


We carry a variety of the most popular Honda walk-behind lawn mowers- they're in-stock and ready for pick up. Whether you want a top of the line mower or something built for rugged terrain and more commercial use, we can help. We know which mower will perform best for your grass. We will show you how to use the features on your mower, so that you (and your mower) will be prepped and ready to go as soon as you walk out the door. 


We offer a variety of Honda pumps to meet your needs- whether it's a small pump to clean up a plumbing leak or a trash pump to clear a construction site. We also have pump accessories- including all the necessary hoses and fittings. Before you buy, we'll make sure your pump will accomplish what you need. We'll set it up and show you how to operate it safely. 


We offer the best tillers on the market: Honda's mini-tillers, mid-tine tillers, and rear-tine tillers. We can help you select the right one for the job. We'll help you select the right one for your needs, and we'll set it up for you- and show you how to operate it before you leave.