Tractor Package Central

Welcome to P&K's Tractor Package Central! We carry a full line of tractor packages for our 1 through 5 Series tractors and build on the horsepower with implements for every job. And if you can't find what you need, our team will customize a tractor package for you! 

equipment 1
1023E Mowing Package
The Deputy
Starting at: $18,599 or just $182/mo
equipment 2
1023E Trailer Package
The Marshal
Starting at: $21,999 or just $216/mo
equipment 3
1025R Mowing Package
The Sheriff
Starting at: $21,199 or just $209/mo
equipment 4
3025D Package
The Starter
Starting at: $23,999 or $238/mo
equipment 5
3025D Trailer Package
The Commander
Starting at: $27,399 or just $271/mo
equipment 6
3025E Mowing Package
The Ranchero
Starting at: $24,399 or $234/mo
equipment 7
3025E Trailer Package
The Legend
Starting at: $28,699 or just $275/mo
equipment 8
3025E Premium Trailer Package
The Kitchen Sink
Starting at: $29,699 or just $285/mo
equipment 9
3032E Trailer Package
The Undefeated
Starting at: $31,199 or just $309/mo
equipment 10
3038E Trailer Package
The Rio Grande
Starting at: 33,199 or just $328/mo
equipment 11
4044M (PRT) Mowing Package
The True Grit
Starting at: $35,499 or just $351/mo
equipment 12
4044M (HST) Mowing Package
The True Grit PLUS
Starting at: $36,499 or just $360/mo
equipment 13
5045E (2WD) Package
The Trailblazer
Starting at: $25,999 or just $279/mo
equipment 14
5045E (MFWD) Package
Trailblazer Plus
Starting at: $33,499 or just $355/mo
equipment 15
5075E Cab Package
The Patriot
Starting at: $51,999 or $540/mo