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Our P&K Pinpoint team is staffed with P&K Equipment's most experienced and knowledgeable professionals, ready to help you with:  

  • Field & Crop Solutions (including grid soil sampling & agronomic solutions)
  • Information/Data Management (including harvest, yield, and variable rate mapping)
  • Machine Control & Guidance (utilizing our expansive RTK Network)
  • Set-Up, Calibrations, Operation, & Diagnostics 
  • Parts Lookup & Service Maintenance Procedures


Our team is designed to help you take your operation to a whole new level through our Ag Management Solutions. Our goal is to provide you with the expertise to support your overall operation, and the necessary precision tools to drive your profitability and increase your ROI. We are your LOCAL experts on precision farming- and we're ready to provide you with innovative solutions that work!  

With 5.7 million acres covered under our RTK network, we've got over 300 450 mHz radios and base stations currently in play.  We've deployed over 700 displays and nearly 1,200 receivers on our customer machines.  We've worked with all field conditions and machine setups, and we've got what it takes to build YOU a solution today!  We'll leverage John Deere's technology and agricultural management solutions to drive your business forward and upward. 

Together with you, we'll work as a team to outline your objectives and create solutions that align with them. The P&K Pinpoint Integrated Solutions Consultants will provide insight along the way- pinpointing opportunities for optimization and empowering you with the knowledge to farm smarter and more effectively.