P&K Equipment Partners with Oklahoma State University Student Farm to Cultivate Community Growth

posted on Friday, April 12, 2024 in Community Stories & Events

OSU Student Farm Partnership with P&K

At P&K Equipment, we believe in the power of partnership and giving back to the community. That's why we're thrilled to announce our recent collaboration with Oklahoma State University (OSU) to support the OSU Student Farm in their mission to feed the community and provide invaluable learning experiences for students.

On February 26, we proudly delivered two top-of-the-line John Deere tractors to the OSU Student Farm, completely free of charge. This contribution represents our commitment to supporting agricultural education and sustainable farming practices in our local communities.

As a premier John Deere dealership, P&K Equipment is deeply rooted in our agricultural heritage. Our owner, Dr. Barry Pollard, is an OSU alumnus and a cornerstone donor to OSU Agriculture's New Frontiers campaign. Through this partnership, we aim to provide the tools and resources necessary for students to succeed in their agricultural endeavors.

"We are proud to support and partner with Oklahoma State University on John Deere Equipment needs," says Scott Eisenhauer, P&K Equipment General Manager. "We are especially proud to be a part of the Student Farm, which combines a learning opportunity for OSU students, as well as giving the food grown back to the local communities."

OSU Student Farm Partnership with P&K

The OSU Student Farm serves as a hub for hands-on learning experiences and sustainable food production. In partnership with Our Daily Bread Food and Resource Center in Stillwater, the farm supplies fresh produce to the local community while empowering students to develop practical skills in agriculture.

With each tractor expected to be used for approximately 150 hours per year, they will play a crucial role in supporting the farm's expansion plans. From new organic plots to acres dedicated to growing strawberries, these tractors will enable the farm to increase its production and make a greater impact on food security in Oklahoma.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Pollard and the entire OSU community for their partnership and dedication to agricultural education. Together, we are cultivating a brighter future for generations to come.