John Deere 4M Series vs. Kubota MX Series

posted on Friday, June 8, 2018 in The Deere Difference

John Deere 4M Series vs. Kubota MX Series Compact Utility Tractors

The John Deere 4M Series and the Kubota MX Series Compact Utility Tractors offer similar dimensions, horsepower ranges, and configurations. We put them to the test and outlined a few key comparisons for you. Check out the outline and video below, and we think you’ll agree that the John Deere 4M Series Compact Utility Tractor is the clear superior choice!



John Deere 4M Series    

Kubota MX Series        

Hood Materials:  

Rugged Composite

(resists dents & won’t rust)


Sheet Metal

(prone to rust, dents, & scratches)     

Transmission Options & Operation:

Gear transmission

  • Flip PowrReverser lever to change directions, no clutching & no shifting

Hydrostatic transmission

  • Easy-to-use TwinTouch pedals
  • Step on reverse pedal to backup, forward pedal to go forward
  • Farther you push, faster you go. To stop, release pedal

Gear transmission

  • Engage clutch when shifting from forward & reverse
  • Use right hand to control loader and left to shift into forward/reverse

Hydrostatic transmission

  • Unnatural treadle pedal occupies most of the deck space
  • Reverse, tilt heel back, Forward. tilt foot forward
  • Not bad until you’ve spent an hour tilting your heels back and forth while working!


Steering Components:  

Protected from the elements

(behind the front axle)


Up front, leaving them exposed & vulnerable in tough conditions

PTO Maintenance:  

Wet, oil-cooled clutch

  • No required maintenance intervals
  • Great reliability


Dry clutch

  • Requires maintenance at 100-hour intervals
  • Can heat up and wear out more easily

Fewer tasks, lower operating costs

  • BRAKES: 1 adjustment in 600 hours
  • LUBE POINTS: 4 points in 50 hours
  • HST FILTER CHANGE: 1 change in 600 hours
  • FLUID CHANGE: 0 changes in 600 hours

More tasks, longer down time, more costly maintenance

  • BRAKES: 6 adjustments in 600 hours
  • LUBE POINTS: 17 points in 50 hours
  • HST FILTER CHANGE: 4 changes in 600 hours
  • FLUID CHANGE: 2 changes (92 quarts) in 600 hours



John Deere     Kubota          
4044M MX4800
4052M MX5200
4066M MX5800


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