Your Tractor. Your Way. Only at P&K

posted on Sunday, April 7, 2019 in Expertise & Insights

Have you been searching for a tractor? At P&K, we believe that the tractor buying experience should be unique, because every tractor owner has their own set of rules, projects, and goals. Whether you need it to mow, grade, lift, smooth, or haul, you'll find your tractor at P&K.

With over 170 packages, we've got the one you need. And if we don't have what you're looking for, we'll build it for you! We're ready to help you get your tractor, your way- only at P&K! We'll show you how to get started. 


Shop our tractor packages- get your tractor, your way, only at P&K.


First step: pick your tractor series. What horsepower will you need to get the job done? We've got tractor packages from 23 horsepower up to 75 horsepower. From the John Deere 1 Series Sub-Compact Utility Tractors all the way up to the 5 Series Utility Tractors, these tractor packages are built for whatever tasks you've got on your list. 

Pick a John Deere tractor series.


Next up, decide which tractor model will best fit your needs. Each tractor series has several models within it, ranging in horsepower and options. And if you're not sure about horsepower- just look at the last two numbers of the tractor models. That will tell you the horsepower of that particular model. {i.e. a 1023E sub-compact utility tractor has 23 horsepower}. 

Select a John Deere tractor model.


And then, you've just got to figure out which options you'd like with your tractor. Do you need a mowing package or a utility package? Do you want two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive? What transmission option do you need? 

Select your John Deere tractor package options.


Once you're to this point, it's as easy as picking out the package level you'll need to get the job done. We have Green, Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum packages, each with different implements. Whether you need a loader, rotary cutter, box blade, AutoConnect deck, bale spear, canopy, iMatch Quick hitch, or a trailer to haul it all- our John Deere and Frontier implements are built to last.

Your Tractor Your Way Package Levels: green, bronze, silver, gold, platinum.


And the last step is to find the terms that'll be best for you. We've got options to fit every budget, including cash price or 0% financing for 60 months, 72 months, or 84 months. We can build a payment around your needs. Just click on the Buy It Today button, let us know you're interested, and our P&K sales team will reach out to you! 

Select financing terms for your John Deere tractor.


So when you're ready to buy your next tractor, shop P&K. Get your tractor, your way, only at P&K. Click here to find your tractor package today. 




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